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Solutions for your Creative Needs
Solutions for your Creative Needs
Solutions for your Creative Needs
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Brand Development

A great brand is more than a logo or symbol.  A great brand goes beyond identity, it is how people feel when they think of you and your products or service.  Contact Jewell PR Creative Services and let us discuss your brand and the message you would like to communicate to develop your brand.



It is time to communicate to your target market, or broaden your market.  You need to speak to your investors.  You are looking to raise capital, or increase your market share.  Let Jewell PR Creative Services help design and develop your message.



Photography is a useful tool for communication, demonstration, introduction, and presentation.  Whether you are selling hamburgers or homes.  Jewell PR Creative Services create the images you need to present you and your products in the best light.

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Thanks for working with SmartShoot!

The SmartShoot team



I am writing to recommend the services of Vernon Jewell of Jewell PR Creative Services.  We have been using Jewell PR Creative Services for several years for various graphic design projects to include: business cards, assistance with graphics on our website, e-Christmas cards, logos, and informative flyers for our business.  He always does an excellent job, is timely with the projects, and offers competitive rates.  He is knowledgable and willing to work with us on changes and alterations as the project develop.  He has also assisted several of our clients with their advertising and marketing needs.


We feel that Vernon Jewell is capable of assisting you in your marketing and advertising goals.  He is a great designer, and works hard for the people who contract with him.  We are pleased to endorse him, and strongly recommend his creative services.

–Scott J. Hawranek

Aspire IP Law Group



This letter is in reference to my business relations with Vernon Jewell.  I have known Vernon since 2004 and worked with him in several different capacities.  Most recently, my company has utilized his graphic design/photography/video production services for the past couple of years.  We couldn’t be happier with Vernon’s attention to detail, consideration, and timeliness with product output.


I speak from experience when I say that Vernon’s work ethic is unparalleled and his work product is the highest quality.

–Matt Rogers

All Seasons, LLC, CRMC

Our Clients

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