The Company


Jewell PR is dedicated to creating the most effective designs for your targeted audience. Whether your designs need to speak directly to the consumer at the point of sale, to the investor as you try to grow your business or designs to raise awareness about your business–Jewell PR will create the designs that will work for you.


As a contracted creative service, Jewell PR works hard to create unique designs that appeal to a specific audience while incorporating the latest technology into the layout. Jewell PR is dedicated to giving you the same marketing advantages as those of larger companies: the ability to communicate effectively with your target audience with amazing designs and layouts that inspire confidence in your product/service.   Whether you are preparing to raise capital from investors or increasing market share, Jewell PR can package your message and deliver results.


Jewell PR currently provides creative services to Liquid Telco, Acclaim IP, and Aspire IP. Over the past year, Jewell PR is playing an instrumental role in assisting these companies in successfully reaching their goals of creating effective branding and marketing collateral for better market positioning.


Jewell PR has assisted Visual Proof, a start up company, with their initial branding concepts and designs. Allergy 123 expanded into thirteen (13) new markets and raise $2 million in capital.   Jewell PR created the marketing pieces not only for clients, but for investors as well.


Brief History


Jewell PR was founded in June of 2012 by Vernon Jewell creating online t-shirts, coffee mugs and other novelty items. In an effort to adapt to the changing economic conditions of the market and recognizing that small and mid-size companies and organizations are in need of reliable and affordable creative services, Jewell PR began offering in-house graphic design services to companies that are trying to grow.   The novelty service makes Jewell PR a full service production studio that offers a variety of printing services.   Jewell PR received it’s first long term contract with Allergy 123 in January 2013. Jewell PR is continuing to add to this service by including photography and video.



About Vernon Jewell (me): I have an AAS degree in Visual Communications from Pikes Peak Community College, and will be graduating with a BA degree in Digital Media Design in 2014 from Colorado Technical University. I have ten years of experience as a graphic artist, then as a marketing manager. I worked for KKTV 11 News in Colorado Springs as a graphic artist. I created a lot of the support images for the news cast.   I also created promotional materials for sponsored events and collaborated with some of the partners for special events.   After leaving KKTV, I went to Electronics Line USA. Electronics Line USA sold security surveillance equipment. I was hired as a graphic artist and I was soon promoted to marketing manager. Unfortunately, this was at the time of the financial crisis and the company did downsize.   I also had a brief venture into biofuels before returning to my roots of graphic design and creative services.