Jewell PR Creatives Services provides real estate photography for real estate agents, brokers, short term rental owners, private home owners and property managers. Provide high quality images to help you sell or rent your property.  Whether you’re an agent of Keller Williams or getting your property listed on AirBnB.  A good photo is hard to beat.  You can decide what sort of shoot will help you market property best.

  • Standard Photos
  • HDR Photos
  • Twilight Photos
  • Videos

By partnering with Spotlight Media Group, Jewell PR Creative Services can deliver more capabilities for real estate photography clients to help get the most from the photoshoots. Beyond the photoshoot, we now can offer micro sites for your properties.  With data tracking you can see which images and videos potential buyers are interested in. List the best features with a property description.  Manage the property with a Client Dashboard to compile reports, review performance, make connections and send brochures.

This is a great system for real estate sales and property managers. Manage how effective is the promotional pieces of your marketing campaigns.  The microsite can capture the data.  Create and send flyers through the Client Dashboard. Monitor which images are getting noticed.

  • Microsite
  • Client Dashboard
  • Create Flyers
  • Data Collection
  • Create Reports

This works very well for managing short term rental properties such as AirBnB and VrBO.  Get great pictures for the AirBnB website, and a microsite to help promote the property independently.

Follow the link to the partnered webpage to create an account and to order your shoot. You can order the package for what best fits the property.  Standard photos with a couple of HDR shots or a complete HDR photoshoot with aerials and a floorpan.  You can decide what is needed.

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